Vista Bella Golf and Homes

Vista Bella Golf and Homes

Vista Bella Golf and Homes

In this article I’d like to share a few memories and Information about Entre Naranjos and Vista Bella Golf and Homes . It’s more than 15 years since I first visited Vista Bella, or as it was known back then Entre Naranjos. A lot has changed over the years, but one thing has remained the same and that’s the location, it was good back in those days and it’s even better today

All those years ago most of the plot was being developed by one company and they were building maisonettes and townhouses, and if I remember there were also a couple of villas smattered about. At the time I was working as Sales Manager for Euroland Properties, which was a sister company of Masa International. On this particular day I was there on a product tour with agents and property advisors. The point of these product tours was to give the agents and the advisors an idea of what they were trying to sell. On this tour we had a few agents from the UK along and I remember that one of them was so enthusiastic about what she saw that she decided to buy a top floor maisonette. To be honest I don’t remember, whether she actually when through with the purchase or not, but she certainly caused a bit of a buzz amongst her colleagues.

Dicost Supermarket on Vista Bella

As I say that’s all a long time ago now and times have changed, since then we have experienced the financial crisis, which swept across the Costa Blanca and the rest of Spain like a tornado leaving a path of destruction and sorrow in its wake. As a result of this of this economic meltdown the company originally developing the plot went into receivership and then, just like sleeping beauty, the development lay dormant for years afterwards, but instead of a high wall of thorns hiding it from the outside world tumble weed and desolation made the place look like a ghost town.

After a while another developer bought the plot and began to invest time and money to bring new life into the dormant area. Since then and despite the fact that the property market has seen its ups and downs over the years the trend has been steadily positive there has been no looking back.

Now even though I don’t play golf, I can well understand the attraction of living by a golf course and this is something the developers also understood and built into their concept and so they started their project there.  One of the first undertakings was to expand the existing 9hole course to an 11hole which could be played as an 18hole and this was completed in 2009 and from then on, Vista Bella Golf and Homes have been attracting visitors from all over Europe.

Apart from golf, the golf club also offers an artificial grass bowling green with 8 rinks measuring 37x 37 metres. Over the years the Bowls Club has hosted several tournaments including the Spanish Championships and it has also been headquarters for Spanish National Team training sessions. Out of interest the daily fee is only 7€ and you can pick up a yearly membership for 200€.

If bowls isn’t your thing you can make use of 3 Padel courts, these are also on artificial grass and surrounded by glass. Not sure what Padel is, well let me help you, it is very similar to tennis but is played on an enclosed court and usually in doubles. During the match, the ball can be played off the court walls just like in Squash and another difference Padel and Tennis is that the bats are solid and string less. As well as Golf, Bowls and Padel, the Vista Bella Golf also offers a Restaurant and a Golf Shop plus Padel Lessons and a Golf Academy.

Neither Golf, nor Bowls, nor Padel do it for me, but regardless of my aversion to these activities I am a great fan of Vista Bella Golf and let me wrap this up by telling you why. Firstly the location, if you want to be in the peace and quiet of the countryside but still well connected to the road network so that you can get about then this place could be for you.

The motorway is less than 10 minutes from the development but far enough away not to influence your life you don’t hear it or see it, but it is close at hand and very useful when you’re heading to the airport to collect friends or family. Well-known local towns like Torrevieja, Guardamar Del Segura, Los Montesinos and Ciudad Quesada are all on the doorstep and you can reach one of the most spectacular beaches on the Costa Blanca in less than 15 minutes.

Also on the development, so that basically means within walking distance from any of the properties, is a commercial area. On my visits I have seen a fair sized supermarket, a restaurant, a couple of bars including a Flannigans Irish Gastro Pub and of course, an estate agents. According to the developer’s representative there is also a school bus that comes by twice a day collect and drop off the kids. Like all small towns there are also a selection of small businesses run by local people such as builders and garden and pool maintenance companies and also key holders for those interested in renting out their properties. In short, even though you won’t be able to find everything you’ll ever need on site, it won’t be a disaster if you don’t feel like using the car for a few days.

As the plot is owned and being developed by only one company, there is a consistency in what’s being built, which makes the area very pleasant on the eye. This must also be said for the architectural style of the houses themselves. Not only are the properties good to look at, the quality of build and materials used shouldn’t be forgotten. Over the last few years I have visited Vista Bella Homes with clients on numerous occasions and I am always pleasantly surprised to see that properties I have noticed years before still look as good as the first time I saw them.

An example of New Build Property on Vista Bella

Vista Bella Golf Homes have quite an assortment on offer starting with maisonettes with wonderful communal pools and gardens areas and moving on to  spacious villas and Semi Detached Homes. All of the properties are built using quality materials and modern construction methods meaning you will have pleasure from your home for many years to come.

One other thing I must say is that, if you are looking for something cheap then you’re better off looking at the resale property built by the original developer, because the New Builds offered Vista Bella Homes aren’t cheap in comparison, but as with everything in this life, you get what you pay for and good quality has its price and that’s how simple it is.

So to bring this article about Vista Bella Golf and Homes to a close, I’ll end by saying: if you’re looking for a quality property in a pleasant residential area, from where you can enjoy what life has to offer, in one of the most popular parts of the Costa Blanca, then getting yourself something on Vista Bella Golf or Entre Naranjos, wouldn’t be a bad decision. As always feel free to leave a comment, or if you need more information, contact me today and I’ll be happy to help you     

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