Types of Firewood Available on the Costa Blanca

Types of Firewood Available on the Costa Blanca

Types of firewood available on the Costa Blanca

Winter will soon be upon us and as the chill nears, you may be asking yourself what Types of Firewood are Available on the Costa Blanca and hopefully this article will help answer that question for you

Whether it is to heat your home, to cook or simply to achieve a pleasant atmosphere, lighting a suitable fire will depend to a large extent on the fuel that we are going to use.

With this in mind, today I’d like to review some of the most common types of firewood for fireplaces and how to choose the best option.

Before talking about varieties of wood, it must be clarified that the firewood must be stored for a minimum of 6 months before being able to make a good fire. This is due to the fact, that by its very nature wood retains a lot of humidity which can take away a lot of the energy and cause more smoke as the wood is burned, in fact it’s best to store firewood for around a year before putting it to use.

What is better, hard or soft wood?

Hardwood can generally be defined as originating from deciduous tree species, such as oak, elm, ash or beech; while Softwood comes from evergreen or coniferous varieties, such as pine or cedar.

Evergreen trees grow faster, so their wood is usually less dense – or lighter. For this reason, its firewood burns faster than hardwood and has less calorific value per volume – in relation to mass. This does not mean that a fire fed with this wood does not reach high temperatures, on the contrary, since it usually contains a large amount of resin, which generates a lot of heat and large flames when burned. This also makes the softwood firewood easy to ignite; unfortunately, it also causes more smoke and particles that will make the chimney dirty.

In contrast, hardwood logs will take longer to dry: one to two years to reach the proper humidity level.

According to this, if we are looking for firewood for fireplaces with which give us a fire that heats us all night, hard wood is a good choice because it burns more slowly and creates embers that prolong the generation of heat. But on the other hand soft wood is perfect for a campfire, and logs of this wood or chips can also be used to stoke a fire.

Although this is the general rule it’s good to bear in mind that not all woods are the same: a low-quality hardwood may be less dense than a softwood; the same is true of certain varieties of trees.

The humidity level should ideally be less than 20%, but we also don’t want the wood to be completely dry because it will burn too fast. The way it is stored at home will be key in this regard: the logs must be kept isolated from the rain, separated from the ground (outside), and arranged so that the air can circulate around.

Once the fire is lit, simply listening to it will help us to know if the firewood is too wet, since a crackling will be heard when throwing a log into the fire.

Now we finally get down to the Types of Firewood Available on the Costa Blanca:


Holm oak wood is very hard and resistant to humidity. For many, it is the best wood to use for firewood, as it burns slowly, generates a lot of heat and is affordable. It has a characteristic smell when cut.


Firewood selected from Orchards (almond, apricot, plum, peach). Firewood for stoves, cassettes, closed fireplaces, etc.


Orange wood selected from Orange Groves firewood suitable for stoves, cassettes, closed fireplaces etc.


Olive wood selected from Olive Groves firewood suitable for stoves, cassettes, closed fireplaces, etc.


Selected Algarrobo firewood suitable for stoves, cassettes, closed fireplaces, etc.

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Here are some other kinds of Firewood


The use of Eucalyptus wood as fuel for a fireplace is very similar to that of the oak itself, due to its calorific power and its high oil content that achieves high temperatures. However, the combustion of these same oils generates many residues that can easily dirty the chimney pipes.

For this reason, it should be left to dry for a long time, preferably for more than two years. Of course, being already cut into logs of the size to which they are going to be used, since once dry they are extremely difficult to cut.


Pine wood is light and contains a lot of moisture, but a high resin content, so it will favour the formation of residues that will adhere to the fireplace. This is why many people avoid it.

There is always the option of using it to start a fire, since it burns very easily and has a very good smell.


The beech is another of the trees from which a dense wood is obtained that is excellent as firewood for fireplaces. Its main characteristic is its smooth bark, which does not give off sparks when burned.

Now that we know more about the different types of wood, it will be easier for us to choose the best firewood option, although it will not be the same for everyone. And it is that, although the oak wood offers a very good result, perhaps in the area where we are, eucalyptus is more common. And although hardwoods are often preferable, the trees in our environment may produce softwood and it may be cheaper.

Of course, what we should always avoid is damp wood or wood that has been treated in some way – varnished or painted.

This brings me to the end of this quick article on Firewood in Spain so before I come to a close if you’d like to know more about me and the services I can offer you then just click here.

I hope this quick round up of Firewood types has been of help to you and if I can help you with anything on the subject, just get in touch or on the other hand just leave a comment in the box below

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