Information about Castalla and Castalla Internacional

Information about Castalla and Castalla Internacional

The first time I visited the area was in 2001 and in this article I’d like to give you some Information about Castalla and Castalla Internacional. Firstly I’ll start with the basics Castalla Internacional is a development situated about 5km from a town of the same name and they are both located in the region of L’Alcoià in the province of Alicante. The area is 675m above sea-level and 40km from the city of Alicante which incidentally, is the capitol of the province.

Xorret del Catí

The municipality covers an area of 114km² and has a population of 10,100 which breaks down to a population density of around 86 people per square metre. In the castle on the hill, in the centre of Castalla, archaeologists have found signs of human habitation going as far back as Neolithic times, but I’ve only been living here since 2003.

In this day and age, the town of Castalla offers all of the services and amenities necessary to meet the needs of everyday life. Here’s a run-down of what you can expect to find: a town hall, tax office, post office, a cultural centre, a 24 hour health centre, plenty of bars and restaurants, three major supermarkets, two service stations, a hotel, an eco-park, a covered market and open air markets twice a week, not to mention boutiques, florists, hairdressers, photographers mechanics and a co-operative, in fact it would be easier to mention the services Castalla doesn’t offer; and the first that springs to mind is a good bus service, but that is lacking in many areas Spain so Castalla doesn’t lose any points for that.

Next up is Castalla Internacional, this is a housing development built in the countryside on the outskirts of town and it’s where I’ve lived since 2003. The reasons I decided to set up home here are many fold but I’ll just tell you the most important ones: Castalla Internacional is very well connected to the motorway meaning it’s easy to travel up and down the coast or to any other parts of Spain. It’s in the country which means I have somewhere I can walk with the dog, oh and incidentally Castalla Internacional is also home to the local dog’s home so if you’re a dog lover this is the place for you. It’s close to town meaning I have somewhere close to fulfil my daily needs but I’m far enough away, to be able to benefit from the tranquillity of the countryside.

Another added attraction to the area is the Xorret del Catí natural park, it’s only a few kilometres from the town and it is also one of the reasons I decided to settle here. The park is a protected area and also one of breath taking beauty, with facilities for various hobby and sporting activities on offer. If you like to spend your free time getting fit in the fresh air, the park is perfect for walking, cycling, horse riding and rock climbing there is even a training boulder opposite the Xorret del Catí Hotel, which unfortunately is closed at the moment, but who knows if we’re lucky it may open again one day.

Services on the development are still limited, but things are improving, in the commercial area we have two bars, a beauty parlour, a corner shop and two estate agents. There are of course other businesses on site and the ones which immediately spring to mind are an internet provider, a couple of pool maintenance companies, a plumber and a few people offering cleaning and gardening services.

As far as property is concerned you will find a mixture of old and new, at present there are a few new build villas left for sale and if you want to see one of those, just click here. Apart from these you will also find a selection of 2, 3 and 4 bedroom villas all on minimum plots of 500m² plus maisonettes and semidetached and quads,  these were all built in the early 2000’s so the quality isn’t as good as the modern properties and this is of course reflected in the price. Staying with property for a second, many people are drawn to Castalla by the thought of living in a country house and the surrounding area is perfect for making this dream come true, if you want to see the kind of thing you can buy click here.

Now I’m coming to the end of this short piece and I hope this Information about Castalla and Castalla Internacional is of some help to you. As things come to mind I’ll pop back and update this post. In the meantime, feel free to leave a comment, or if you want to get in touch then just drop me a line using the form below.

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