Costa Blanca Property in La Mata, Torrevieja, Orihuela Costa

Costa Blanca Property in La Mata, Torrevieja, Orihuela Costa

Costa Blanca Property in La Mata, Torrevieja, Orihuela Costa

In this article I’m covering the southernmost tip of the Costa Blanca, so if you’re thinking of making a real estate investment in this part of the world then read on. The reason I have grouped La Mata, Torrevieja and the Orihuela Costa together in one post probably goes back to my first days in the real estate business on the Costa Blanca. For those of you not in the know I started my career here back in 1999. At the time I was living in Ciudad Quesada which I shall also cover in a later article and I started to work for Masa International as a Property Advisor.

The Masa Hotel in La Mata was and still is the base of the sales operation for the company and at that time their after sales and moving in departments were based in the Lloyds Club which is also in La Mata. Back in 1999 Torrevieja, La Mata and the Orihuela Costa were booming although back then we didn’t actually refer to the area as such but it was here that the company made most of its sales and it was here that I learned my trade on Property Inspection Trips.

That is all a long time ago and so now that I’ve explained why I’ve put the three areas into one bag I’ll get on with the post. If we’re travelling along the N3332 coast road heading south from Alicante then La Mata is the first area we will come to and unless we make a specific choice to come off the main road and head in to it, we could end up driving right passed it. The area is nestled in between the Moncayo Beach and the town of Torrevieja. At its most northerly point La Mata  is made up of apartment blocks which are all close to the sandy beach and a little town centre.

If you were to follow the coast south from the town square you would notice the apartment blocks gradually being replaced by detached houses for a while and the developed area spreading out as the space between the sea and the coast road increases. After a few hundred metres the villas are replaced by low rise apartment blocks and this trend continues all along the coast until we reach the Masa Hotel at the top of the hill. Heading in a few hundred metres from the coast the area becomes a mixture of developments made up of duplexes, semis, villas and maisonettes. As far as amenities are concerned there are countless bars and restaurants plus corner shops and small supermarkets although if you’re looking for major super markets then you would have to head a little closer to Torrevieja to find such names as Aldi and Mercadona.

Following the road down from the Masa hotel towards Torrevieja you’ll find more developments on the right hand side and a disused tower block on the left called the Eden Rock, back when I started in Masa this was a house of ill-repute but it has since closed its doors to the public. Leaving this block behind us we head towards the outskirts of the town.

Costa Blanca Property in La Mata, Torrevieja, Orihuela Costa

There are a few bars and restaurants dotted along the roadside as we near the town and of course there is the sea on the left hand side but the coast line is rocky and more suited to a fishing than bathing. It’s not until we come to the 222 Pizzeria that we start to truly enter Torrevieja and continuing along, the first famous beach comes into view, the Playa de los Locos, literally translated this means the Crazy People’s beach and someone once told me that there used to be an asylum close by and the locals named the beach that way because the patients used to be taken along the beach for their daily walks. It is also at this point that we come across a lot more in the way of amenities and in the summer months this is a very busy area.

At the southernmost tip of the Playa de los Locos the coastline changes, the sand disappears and is replaced by rock, this point is known as the Cala del Palangre. The coastline continues on in this way until we reach the next sandy beach which is called the Playa del Cura, this translates into the Priest’s Beach and I have no idea where the name came from but this beach is probably the closest to the town centre. Next along is the marina which is marked by the long stone pier which stretches out into the bay and offers countless photo opportunities. After the marina the next town beach is the Playa de los Naufragos or the beach of the shipwrecked, which isn’t as long as the Playa del Cura but has plenty of amenities and is close to town.

Now that you have an idea of the immediate coastline of Torrevieja and the three main beaches here’s some information about the town. Over the last 20 years the town hall has invested a lot of money in making the centre a more enjoyable place to be and in my opinion it’s been money well spent, because I remember that when I first started selling property I used to do my best to avoid certain areas because the place looked like a slum. A lot has happened since those times and spending time in the centre has since become a pleasant experience. A lot of the traffic has been re-directed and the narrow streets converted into pedestrian areas lined with bars and shops.

To be honest even though lots of money has been spent on improving the town it is not really a place that I would choose to live in because like practically all town centres it’s too loud and too busy for my taste, but if you’re looking for a lively place with everything you need on the doorstep and within walking distance to the beach with a functioning bus service then maybe the town of Torrevieja is just what you’re looking for. The same would apply if you’re thinking of making an investment, apartments are well suited for the holiday market and as I mentioned before the town is a magnet for tourists during the season.

Leaving the town behind us we head towards the Orihuela Costa and this is the area which really took off during the boom. Back in the day the simplest way to divide the area was by using the coast road as a rule of thumb. Properties on the water side of the N332 were more expensive than those on the inland side and that generally still applies today, although I wouldn’t recommend the Orihuela Costa to anyone looking for long sandy beaches.

In my opinion the best way to describe the Orihuela Costa is by saying that it is a strip of land running along the coast which is divided into large residential areas. In these areas you’ll find the typical mix of villas, semis, maisonettes, apartments and duplexes, the only thing that truly varies will be the price and the proximity to the sea. The whole area is well established and connected to Torrevieja and the surrounding towns with a bus service. Golf is also very popular, in fact it was this sport that played a great part in the area’s rise in popularity with famous clubs like Villamartín, Las Ramblas and Campoamor leading the way.

The Orihuela Costa stretches from Los Balcones in the north right down to the Dehesa de Campoamor in the south and includes areas like Los Altos, Playa Flamenca, La Zenia, Cabo Roig, Villamartín, Blue Lagoon, Las Filipinas and Mil Palmeras. In 2018 the area had 20,000 registered inhabitants and this number is mainly made up of British, Scandinavian, Dutch, Belgian, German and Spanish along with other nationals from the remaining northern and eastern European countries.

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Costa Blanca Property in La Mata, Torrevieja, Orihuela Costa: Summary

These three areas are very well known on the Costa Blanca and they cover just over 20km of coast line. In my opinion their popularity is brought about by the fact that they offer something for everyone. This applies not only to real estate, with prices ranging from under 50,000€ to millions of €uros but also to the amenities and services on offer. Almost all nationalities are represented in this cultural melting pot so apart from the fame and the fortune the area has a metropolitan feel about it. Personally I prefer to live in the countryside so it’s not for me but I can understand it’s attraction for the tens of thousands who live there.

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