Buying Property on the Costa Blanca: Need Legal Advice?

Buying Property on the Costa Blanca: Need Legal Advice?

Buying Property on the Costa Blanca, what about Legal Advice? The simple answer to this question is that yes, you’re going to need it. Since you started on your journey to buying your home in the sun, you have more than likely been bombarded with advice, coming from all angles and concerning every aspect of your up and coming purchase and I imagine, that being advised about who you choose to help with your conveyancing, is no exception!

One of the first things you will have heard, is that you should get your own solicitor, now in itself that’s very true, but it’s not quite simple as that when you’re in a foreign country. Let’s face it, finding a good solicitor is hard enough in a strange town in your home country, let alone in a foreign land, where you don’t speak the language. Of course, now we have access to the internet which is an endless of source of information, but not necessarily a fountain of knowledge, things seem so much simpler, but unfortunately, not all of the advice on the web is worth taking.

So, if you’re thinking of Buying Property on the Costa Blanca and you’re wondering about Legal advice, I’d just like to tell you which company I recommend, that you have a chat with, before you make your final decision. If I was in your position I would contact Ábaco Advisors, either online or at one of their offices which can be found in Torrevieja, Alicante or Marbella

The reasons why I recommend Ábaco Advisors is that they are a multi lingual professional company of long standing and for this part of the world where companies come and go that is saying something!

Now that you have my recommendation here’s more information about the company itself, which will hopefully help you decide what o do if you’re Buying a Property on the Costa Blanca and are in doubt about where to go for Legal Advice:

Ábaco Advisors is a respected, independent firm of Lawyers and Legal Advisors based in Alicante and Torrevieja and they have been in business in the area since 1999. Over the years their client base has grown to over 28,000 but their working practices and professionalism, ensure that each client still enjoys a personal service. Àbaco Advisors are able to take care of their clients in 9 different languages and they do business with people like you, who comefrom more than 50 countries across the globe.

Àbaco Advisors can assist you with the following services, which can be broken down into three main categories: Conveyancing, Inheritance and Taxes.

As you are probably not yet a Spanish homeowner yet and Conveyancing is more than likely what interests you most at the moment, I will go into what’s on offer in a little more detail:

Conveyancing for Buyers:

Property Survey:

If your search for a property has already borne fruit and you think you’ve found what you’re looking for, why not let Ábaco Advisors undertake a property survey, to ensure that everything is, as it should be. The checks they make concerning the structural integrity of the building, plus preliminary checks about utility bills and taxes, will help you to continue with your purchase in confidence.


Supervision and writing of the private contract.

Check of the property homeowners.

Confirmation of the survey information.

Verification of outstanding debts or building violations.

Bank guarantees.

During the Purchase Process:

Personal assistance in obtaining an NIE (identification number for foreigners).

Signing of the power of attorney and completion before a notary.

Recording in the Property Registry.

Management of all associated tax payments.

Opening of bank accounts.

Supervision of the mortgage and first occupancy license.

Civil liability insurance.

Personal attention:

Support throughout the entire process.

Organization of your hotel stay.

Transfers between the airport, your hotel, Abaco, the notary’s office and to your     new home.

Airport transfer on your departure from Spain.

Post Purchase Service for New Homeowners:

Assistance in communicating with:

Utility companies; water, electricity and gas

The community of owners

Homeowner’s insurance

Translation and interpretation of correspondence

Free initial consultations about:

Inheritance and wills

Deeds of dissolution

Sale of the property

Cancellation of the mortgage

Year-round services:

Management of Spanish property taxes

Register with Spanish tax authority

Spanish wills, inheritance and legal consultations

Buying a Property on the Costa Blanca: Need Legal Advice?

On the other hand, if you came across this post because you already have a house in Spain that you want to sell and you are looking for a company to take the stress out of the operation for you, then here’s what Ábaco Advisors have to offer you:

Conveyancing for Sellers:

Pre Sale

Drawing up the private contract

Search for debts held against the property: contact with the bank to cancel any remaining mortgages

Ordering the second occupancy license if necessary

Obtaining the certificate of no outstanding debts from the owners’ community, for signing at the notary

During the sale

Signing of the contract

Organising the signing at the notary and methods of payment

Signing of the deed either in person or by power of attorney

Detailed translation of the signing of the deed before a notary

Management of all tax payments associated with the sale

Cancellation of bank accounts by power of attorney if necessary

Organising the mortgage cancellation before a notary

Personalized attention

We will be by your side throughout the notary process

Post Sale

Securing the 3% tax retention/deduction, return where it has been improperly withheld (in case of improper withholding)

Year-round consultation

Ábaco Helpline

Ábaco Newsletter

So if you are Buying Property on the Costa Blanca and wondering, what about Legal Advice? I hope this information has given you something to go on and oh, before I forget the most important thing, here’s a link to Ábaco Advisors.  

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