Buying a Property in Alicante-General Information

Buying a Property in Alicante-General Information

Buying a Property in Alicante-General Information

If you’re considering buying a Property in Alicante then here’s some General Information about the City that might help you. Over the years the city of Alicante has been somewhat neglected by buyers from the rest of Europe.

In my opinion the lack of enthusiasm in the past, may have something to do with the fact that even though tourists have visited Alicante since the mid-fifties it hasn’t been taken over by any particular group of foreign nationals.

So you’ve made up your mind that you want to find out a little but more about Alicante and what you can expect and in this short article I’d like to share some general information about the city with you, to give you an idea of what’s on offer. Of course if you can’t find anything to suit in the city itself then you might want to consider one of the suburbs like El Campello for example, if you’d like to see an example of a property there, click here.

Alicante is the capital of the Province Alicante and is situated in the Community of Valencia. Alicante is a Mediterranean port and according to the 2018 census has a population of 331,000, it is also the second largest city in the Community of Valencia. Alicante is famous for its magnificent boulevards lined with palm trees, the original name of the city is Lucentum or Lucentia and is the Roman name given to the predecessor of the city of Alicante and translates to “City of Light”. The archeological remains of the original settlement lie in a place called El Tossal de Manises in Albufereta.

This attractive town along the Costa Blanca has stunning beaches, huge plazas, beautiful parks and lots of adventure as well as great weather.  Since the mid-fifties Alicante has been a popular destination with tourists from other parts of Spain and Northern Europe coming to enjoy the climate and the relaxed atmosphere. In recent years the port of Alicante has become one of the major stops for cruise ships bringing some 80,000 passengers a year, this was of course before the Covid Pandemic, so how things will look in 2021 remain to be seen.

Of course living somewhere, is completely different to spending a couple of week’s holiday in a place but as Alicante is not only a destination for tourists but a living and working city you can find all of the conveniences and amenities you would expect from a modern town. It makes no difference what kind of property you decide to buy and in which part of Alicante it is because you will still be able to benefit from everything the city has to offer. This is because an expansive public transport network made up of tram, bus and rail services, will connect you with the whole city, its suburbs and the rest of Spain. If you need to commute internationally or between the major cities or islands the airport at El Altet, is easily accessible and benefits from numerous car hire companies, or if you have your own vehicle long term parking facilities.

Buying a Property in Alicante-General Information

Dotted in and around the city, are various commercial centres which are home to all of the major Supermarkets, DIY Superstores, Garden Centres, Furniture Stores, Fashion Stores and Electrical Suppliers. Alicante also offers two El Corte Ingles Department stores located in the centre of town In the city streets countless boutiques, bars and restaurants line the pavements, offering ample opportunity for strolling along enjoying the atmosphere and dropping into one of the cafés or bars for a tapas or coffee out on one of the terraces.

For night life, areas like the El Puerto with its Casino and Music Bars, El Barrio the old quarter, La Explanada and La Rambla, all offering a great selection of bars, restaurants and bistros. For more cultural activities Alicante has its own Theatre and 14 Museums, covering themes as varied as Contemporary Art and the Ocean Race, right on to Las Cigarreras Tobacco Factory. Numerous walks are also on offer to help you to get to know and enjoy the city. For more information about what Alicante can offer you click here.

If you’re into playing Golf in your spare time Alicante has its own golf course and if sailing is more your thing then there is also a nautical club. For anyone into flying the closest airport for small aircraft is in Muchamel only a few kilomteres from the city. If you simply want to enjoy nature and watch life go by Alicante has several park areas including El Palmeral on the Avda de Elche. The Santa Bárbara Castle perched on the summit of the Mount Benacantil is also a great place to spend an afternoon.

Being capital of the province Alicante also has a minimum of 3 International Schools plus more than 30, State Primary Schools and 19 Secondary schools and for further education the city has its own University located in San Vicente del Raspeig with more than 20,000 students. Alicante also benefits from 4 hospitals and more than 15 health centres.

Buying a Property in Alicante-General Information

Before I come to the end a quick word of advice, if you are thinking of moving to Alicante on a permanent basis your life will be much easier if you are able to communicate in Spanish, but saying this I must also point out that the official language of the area is Valenciano; however, you will not encounter any problems communicating if you can speak Spanish. If you can’t speak the language I advise you to arrange the services of an interpreter when you are dealing with any official organisations.

In closing, I hope this short article has given you a better idea of what to expect from the city of Alicante.

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