An Efficient Way to Generate Solar Power

An Efficient Way to Generate Solar Power

An Efficient Way to Generate Solar Power

If you’re interested in An Efficient Way to Generate Solar Power then you should definitely read this article. The other day I came across this information for a Solar Energy System called Smartflower and the first thing that struck me about it was then elegance of its design and the simplicity of the idea behind it. As is often the case with functional and attractive design the original idea was given to us by Mother Nature herself and that is exactly the case with Smartflower.

This design of this avant-garde solar energy harnessing system is based on sunflowers and how they turn their heads to follow the path of the sun as she travels across the sky and that is exactly what the Smartflower system does. At sunrise the Smartflower opens and turns its panels to the sun and continues following the sun across the sky throughout the course of the day which means that the solar panels are always at the optimal 90° to the sun and this makes them able to generate up to 40% more electricity than a standard fixed system. When the sun sets the Smartflower closes its panels like the petals of the sunflower and shuts down for the day.

Other benefits of the system include self-cleaning and self-cooling panels which make them more efficient. Easy installation and low maintenance. The panels automatically close and the system shuts down when the wind is up and there is a risk of damage. The product generates between 5,200 and 6,400kwh per year which is enough power for an average single family home.

An Efficient way to Generate Solar Power what the company says:

After my quick breakdown of what the Smartflower can offer you here’s a copy of the official text from the company to give you a better idea:

At Smartflower we have combined a timeless design with state of the art technology, in order to offer you an innovative photovoltaic system, which you can install, in less than an hour in a garden, and which is capable of supplying you with all the electricity that a home or business needs, without harming the environment.

Inspired by the heliotropic movement of the sunflowers, at dawn Smartflower will elegantly display its panels, which, always positioned at a 90º angle to the sun’s rays, will follow the sun’s path through the astronomical control system it incorporates. Thanks to this, and to the rest of its “smart” features, such as the self-cleaning and natural ventilation of the panels, it achieves optimum results in the generation of electricity. At nightfall, its panels will be closed until the next day. And all of this is completely automatic.

Some facts about Smartflower:

•        EMI, which owns the company, is a private energy company, located in the USA, with more than 40 years of experience developing, financing and operating clean energy projects. They have developed, built, and operated numerous power generation facilities, with an output in excess of 1,100 MW and an investment in facilities exceeding $2 billion. Our factory, which distributes to all countries, is located in Austria.

•        Smartflower is a tangible expression of its owner’s commitment to clean energy and to a sustainable future.

•        Smartflower is an all-in-one, state-of-the-art product that is easy to install and virtually maintenance free.

•        It has a truly amazing design. A unique, multi-award winning industrial design. We have drawn on nature to create elegant solutions where the balance between form and function leads to excellence.

•        Its intelligent functions set it apart from any other competitor.

•        We are avant-garde. We believe in innovation, in going the extra mile. With revolutionary solutions, we present ourselves in a dynamic market.

•        Who are our end customers? Mainly public institutions, companies and private residences.

•        Our product is capable of generating between 5,200 and 6,400 kWh per year (depending on its geographical location on Spain), enough to satisfy the consumption of an average single-family home.

Smartflower is EV Compatible:

Smartflower can be used to charge electric vehicles thanks to easy integration with an external EV charging station. For organizations and companies, EV charging capacity is your “green business card” and is perfect for public spaces, shopping centres, hotels, restaurants, small businesses and more.

Smartflower+ Plus

With an integrated battery storage system, Smartflower +Plus lets you store clean solar energy for when you need it most. That means that even during peak demand times, or when the power is out, your Smartflower +Plus will continue to provide you with clean and reliable energy whether you’re on or off the grid.

The recommended net PVP is 24,000€ and the delivery time is 8 weeks.

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